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Solution Description

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) provides wireless communication services without a complete infrastructure or license to use radio frequencies. It provides wireless communications through agreements already in place with mobile network operators (MNOs). These companies obtain bulk access to mobile communication networks for their consumers at set retail and wholesale prices.

Since its operation in 1998, MVNO has been developing and growing along with the basic operators, as a strong complement to MNO business, providing convenience to many customers worldwide. With the advent of the 5G era, the new architecture of virtualization and cloud deployment brings greater opportunities for MVNOs.

In the 5G era, virtual operators focus on the application scenarios of the IoT (Internet of Things), which can allow virtual operators to form differentiated development with basic operators and open new development areas and opportunities.

  • Highly flexible networking solutions to meet the needs of all types of virtual operators.
  • End-to-end solution, including core network, OCS, and CRM.
  • Flexible sales strategy, with one-time payment or lease, and gradually pass license upgrades as users grow.

Key Benefits

Virtualization and containerization, deployable in public or private cloud platforms, reduces maintenance cost

Flexible product portfolio and deployment options, fast deployment, and delivery capabilities

Flexible sales strategy, either by purchase or by rental

Highly flexible user expansion capability, capacity can be upgraded through license as the number of users increases

Multi-tenant architecture design, one platform can access multiple MNOs/MVNOs

Customized services are provided to satisfy the requirements customers

Application Scenarios

International Roaming Short Term Prepaid Card

Wireless network and Wi-Fi convergence


Digital Content Service

E-commerce and digital finance

Digital Community Services

Case Study

Knowroaming and Onwave deployment case

  • Cloud Deployment
  • Card Issuance and Release
  • International Roaming Services
  • Service issuance and unified billing
  • User scalability: 100~1M subscribers
  • With fast deployment capability

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