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Product Description

MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing), as a key 5G technology, embodies the trend of cloud-network integration. It uses connection and computing as the entry point and is as close to the customer as possible to meet the low latency of the customer. Large bandwidth, large-capacity access and localized service requirements provide a powerful starting point for 5G to enter the vertical industry.

Product Specification

  1. Multiple access methods, 5G user equipment access or non-5G equipment access.
  2. Network opening: MEC can provide platform opening capabilities, integrate third-party applications on the service platform or deploy third-party applications in the cloud.
  3. Resource opening: The resource opening system includes the management of IT basic resources (such as CPU, GPU, computing power, storage, and network, etc.), ability opening control and routing strategy control.
  4. Open management: The platform management system can control the data plane of the mobile network according to the needs of different users, devices, or third-party applications by setting the routing strategy for the routing control module.
  5. Local forwarding: MEC can locally forward and route data streams that need to be processed locally.
Configuration Specifications
CPUIntel Xeon 4210 (10C,85W,2.2GHz)*1
HDD2TB*1 (Scalable and support RAID1/10)
Network connection1Gb*2, 10Gb*2(Optical port)
Power supplyAC 550W*2
VirtualizationVMWare (Support other virtual/cloud-based deployment options)
UPF throughput>=8Gbps
PDU Session>2000