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5G core network products, with a cloud-native architecture, to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Everything


Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is a technology based on 5G evolution architecture that deeply integrates mobile access networks and Internet services


LTE core network products, supporting virtualization and cloud deployment methods, with the advantages of compact, standardized, cost-effective

2G3G Core

The 2G3G core network is a functional network element responsible for information exchange and user storage for GSM and GPRS


IP multimedia subsystem. Converged deployment can provide VoNR/VoLTE HD voice calls


The short message center and gateway are to realize the functions of receiving, storing, forwarding, and reporting the status of short messages.


OCS is an online charging system that supports unified charging based on bearer, session, and content events

Signaling Gateway

Signaling is a transmission protocol used by mobile communication networks to control communication between different elements. The signaling gateway acts as a bridge for signaling transmission.