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Product Description

OCS (Online Charging System) is refers to the charging system that participates in the control of the communication process and provides functions such as real-time credit control of users, prepaid usage data services, and real-time charging of value-added services.

OCS supports unified charging based on bearer, session and content events. The charging reference architecture proposed by 3GPP separates the traffic control function of the device from the charging function and establishes a direct interaction between the charging system and session/service control, so that charging is fully involved in the service use process. In this way, the powerful capabilities of the independent billing system can be used to provide flexibility close to the quasi-real-time billing system, and the real-time characteristics of participating in the use process can be used to minimize the arrears cost.

The CHF introduced by 5G supports three scenarios: online charging, offline charging, and converged charging. Receive the SMF Nchf interface message sent by the SMF side, route and forward the message, collect billing information, generate the corresponding CDR, and process the CDR to generate a bill file for BOSS to collect and use through the file interface; at the same time, CHF supports forwarding SMF transmission The charging request message is sent to the BOSS, and the BOSS response is forwarded to the SMF.

Product Specification

Collection function
Add, delete, and modify the collection link.Manage the configuration of the collected links.
Collection link parameter configurationConfigure related parameters of the link
Collecting data collection planCustomize the collection time of the link.
Collecting rules for the collection link.Configure the rules for data collection.
Business access controlOnline business access control
Session ManagementOnline business session management
Accounting function
Accumulated debtAccumulate the list data after billing and pricing to corresponding accounts, users and other processes, and store the accumulated results in real time on a daily and monthly basis
Bill storageStore bill files in the database for query use
billing statisticsClassify and collect statistics on bills
Credit control
Quasi real-time information controlMonitor user expenses and shut down or call for payment if the threshold is exceeded.
Manual shutdown and recoveryThe administrator performs shutdown and restoration operations on users
Automatic recoveryAfter the user recharges or pays, the system automatically resumes the machine for the user.
Recharge function
Recharge card managementRecharge card management includes recharge card creation and card management functions.
Recharge card recharge processingRecharge card recharge processing
Third-party payment rechargeSupport bank deposit card recharge
Support credit card recharge
Support PayPal and other recharges
Support WeChat recharge
Support Alipay recharge
Notification function
Insufficient balance alarm SMS notificationWhen the user’s balance is less than a certain penalty value, the system will send an insufficient balance alarm SMS notification to the user.
Package is about to expire warning SMS notificationWhen the user’s package is about to expire, the system will send a text message notification that the package is about to expire.
Alarm SMS notification for insufficient free balance of packageWhen the user’s free package data is less than a certain penalty value, the system will send a warning SMS notification to the user that the free balance of the package is about to be used up.
SMS notification of recharge resultsWhen the user completes the recharge, the system will send a text message notification of the recharge result to the user.
Outage SMS notificationWhen the user’s service is shut down due to insufficient balance, the system will send the user a text message notification that the service has been shut down.
Billing function
CDR analysisASN.1 bill format analysis
ASCII code bill format analysis
Text bill format analysis
Online message analysisSupport diameter and radius message parsing
information enhancementBased on the original fields, other fields are expanded for subsequent processing.
event matchingMatch pricing events based on bill content
Exception judgmentDetermine abnormal bills, such as abnormal numbers and abnormal times.
Standard tariff pricingPrices will be assessed based on standard rates.
Support standard tariff pricing for 3G and 4G mobile services, ADSL wired broadband Internet access and other services
Preferential tariff pricingPrice approval based on preferential rates
Periodic package fee calculationPackage rental fees are collected from users on a regular basis. After each package rental fee is successfully deducted, the expiration time of the package will be extended by the corresponding time.
Supports 3G and 4G packages, ADSL cable broadband Internet package rental calculation
One-time fee calculationThe one-time fee refers to the one-time fee such as new installation fee, handling fee, number selection fee, historical account period supplementary adjustment, etc. And the corresponding fees charged by month or cycle month within the valid time period, such as fees or discounts other than the pricing signed with major customers.
List storageThe dialog file is stored in the database for query use
Revenue function
Pay according to user numberMake payment for a single user according to the user’s phone number
Pay by account numberPay for all users under the entire account
Pay per customerPay fees for all users under the entire customer
Counter write-offPerform reverse operations on paid operations
Pre-saveMake a pre-deposit to the user’s balance account
Refund advance depositRefund user’s pre-deposit
Post-account processingSummarize the expenses incurred by salespersons during a certain period of time and reconcile them with cash
Automatic chargebackCompare the user’s arrears with the balance and automatically write off the account for the user
Bill printingPrint the bill after the user pays the fee
Invoice printingPrint user invoice
List queryQuery the user’s list
Bill inquiryQuery user’s bill
Balance inquiryQuery the user’s balance