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Product Description

DRA (Diameter Route Agent) is a functional network element in a 3G or 4G network, which realizes the aggregation and distribution of Diameter signaling messages and provides the aggregation function of messages within the network, the function of the border gateway between networks, and the forwarding of special signaling. Features. It provides real-time routing capabilities to ensure that messages are routed among the correct network elements in the network. DRA was introduced by 3GPP to solve the increased Diameter signaling traffic and the complexity of 4G LTE networks.
Networks with complex architecture and multiple signaling nodes require advanced Diameter signaling context routing engines. Choosing a DRA capable of advanced context routing is critical to managing network complexity and utilizing all the services provided by 4G LTE.

DEA (Diameter Edge Agent), i.e. Diameter Border Agent, realizes the interconnection function of user roaming between operator networks and is a functional embodiment of DRA.

The DRA and DEA enable smooth Diameter signaling message flow between key components of the IMS convergence-based network architecture, i.e., interworking in service areas such as IMS, PCC and EPC.

Product Specification

PCC Interface
Reference PointFeatureInterface
PCEF – OCSUsed to control online billingGy
PCEF – PCRFUsed to transmit PCC policy controlGx
PCRF – AFUsed for application session authorizationRx
IMS Interface
Reference PointFeatureInterface
CSCF- RCRFUsed for application session authorizationRx
CSCF- SLFUsed for transmission policy and charging rulesDx
CSCF- HSSUser data transmissionCx
AS- HSSUser data transmissionSh
LTE Interface
Reference PointFeatureInterface
SGSN- HSSUser signing and authentication data transmissionS6d
MME- HSSUser signing and authentication data transmissionS6a
GGSN- PCRFUsed to transmit PCC policy controlGx
PGW- PCRFUsed to transmit PCC policy controlGx
MME- EIRUsed for terminal authenticationS13
  • Diameter routing based on Dest-Host
  • Diameter routing based on Application ID and Dest-Realm
  • Diameter routing primary backup function
  • Diameter load sharing based on routing round robin
  • Diameter route redistribution
  • Diameter routing based on Origin-Realm
  • Diameter routing based on Origin-Host
  • Diameter load sharing based on percentage
  • Priority-based Diameter load sharing
  • Diameter supports SCTP
  • Diameter support for TCP
  • SCTP multi-connections
  • TCP multi-connections
  • Dual-plane networking for geographic disaster recovery
  • Distributed system architecture
  • Overload flow control
  • Configuration fallback