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Product Description

SMSC (Short Message System Center) is realizes the functions of receiving, storing, forwarding and short message status reporting of short messages. The short message center should also include the operation and maintenance module and the communication between the network and the network, and the selection of the sending route. Gateway module.

In the 2G/3G era, the short message network element is called SMSC (Short Message Service Center), which is used for the storage and forwarding of short messages.

In the 4G era, an IP-SM-GW (IP Short Message Gateway) network element was newly added to the network. The IP-SM-GW network element is responsible for forwarding the uplink and downlink short messages between the SMSC and the 4G terminal. The original 2G/3G terminal the mechanism for sending and receiving text messages remains unchanged.

In the 5G era, the IP-SM-GW network elements deployed in 4G are used to provide 5G short message services for human network terminals, which is called the SMS over IP solution. The newly defined SMS over NAS solution requires the deployment of SMSF network elements in the 5G core network, which can provide 5G SMS services for both human network and IoT terminals at the same time to meet large-capacity IoT devices.

Product Specification

Capacity and Interface
Capacity200k subscribers
200k BHSM
SMS length: 160 English characters or 80 Chinese characters
InterfaceMAP I, ii, iii
License ControlSMSC application flag
100-200k SMSC subscribers, multiples of one hundred
SMSMO, MT point-to-point SMS
MO/MT verification
SMS status report
Delivery confirmation
Store up to 100,000 short messages to be processed (8 for each subscriber)
SMS polling
Default letters (English) and UCS-2 characters (Chinese)
SMPPSupport SMPP v3.4
64 SMPP links
Number type and number plan operation, up to 64 service numbers can be processed
Transfer messages between ESME and SME
Support Tx/Rx/TRx for each SMPP link
Each SMPP link supports 7-bit and 8-bit DCS encoding