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Solution Description

The 5G Converged Cloud Core Network is a cloud-native solution built on an open architecture that enables mobile operators to build innovative 5G converged networks and bring operational costs down by simplifying and automating the network. The convergence of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks onto a unified platform simplifies the overall network architecture.

AgrandTech converged core network features.

  • Full line product integration network
  • Flexible product portfolio and deployment options
  • Open network interface
  • Distributed Architecture (CUPS)
  • Support CSFB, VoLTE & VoNR
  • Flexible billing and policy control
  • Microservice architecture
  • High reliability, 1+1 active and standby disaster recovery
  • Hot backup and smooth migration capabilities
  • Open RAN interface

Key Benefits

Virtualization and containerization, deployable in public or private cloud platforms

Full standard network elements and interfaces, providing full-featured features and supporting docking of third-party devices

Flexible product mix and sales strategy, available for purchase or rental

We can provide custom development services to meet customers’ individual needs

Application Scenarios

MVNO Network

Research and testing cloud platform for base station and terminal manufacturers

Industry 4.0 applications

Wireless ISP/SP value-added service platform

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