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Solution Description

MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing), proposed by ETSI, is a technology based on the 5G evolutionary architecture that deeply integrates mobile access networks with Internet services. MEC can provide services and cloud computing capabilities to nearby telecom users using wireless access networks.
MEC is based on edge network + computing resources to provide a building block combination of connectivity, computing, capacity, and applications to provide services close to users and enhance consumers’ high-quality network experience.

AgrandTech’s multi-access edge computing solutions include MEC capability open platform, lightweight edge cloud and miniaturized server.

Platform capability opening:

  • LBS (High Precision Location Service)
  • RNIS (Radio Network Information Service)
  • TCPO (TCP optimization service)
  • VO (Video Optimization Service), etc.

Supported connection system

  • Mobile and fixed networks
  • 4G/5G/WiFi

Key Benefits

Full connectivity, supporting 4G/5G converged access, fixed mobile access, with flexible traffic splitting strategy

Diversified capability open platform to support third-party application business integration

Flexible product mix and sales strategy, available for purchase or rental

We can provide custom development services to meet customers’ individual needs

Application Scenarios

Industrial / IoT

Internet of Vehicles


Enterprise Private Network Applications

Live video

AR/VR Application

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